Chandra Green joined Alive & Thrive Wyandotte County as its first Director in May 2019. Born and raised in Wyandotte County, Chandra is a graduate of Sumner Academy of Arts and Sciences and continues to live in and contribute to her community. Upon graduating from Sumner, she received a degree in cosmetology and worked in the field to put herself through college. She holds a B.A. from UMKC and two Masters degrees from Friends University—one in Business Law and another in Marriage and Family Therapy.


Chandra has more than 15 years of experience in social service with several agencies. Prior to becoming Director of Alive and Thrive, Chandra served as a caseworker for the Kansas Department of Children and Families, where she helped clients overcome a number of economic challenges. While employed with the state, she also served as Executive Board member for the Kansas Organization of State Employees.


As a PAVE Social Worker with the nonprofit organization Friends of Yates, she assisted survivors of domestic violence and taught ‘Safe Dates’ classes to teens and ‘Healthy Relationship’ classes to women who survived domestic violence and sexual assault. She also served as Program Coordinator for Young Women On The Move, a nonprofit that empowers young women in middle and high school to become confident leaders.  In 2013, Chandra drew upon her work and personal experiences to start her own nonprofit organization, Live In Freedom Movement, Inc (LIF), whose mission is to provide a positive, motivating, empowering environment to meet the physical, spiritual, and mental health needs of families. Chandra’s personal mission is to make the life God gave her count so that people will know she was here and know that she had a heart for them.